Thursday, January 29, 2009

My first roadtrip

Guys...I'm proud to tell you all that I survived my first roadtrip with Mom and Dad. I'm officially a roadtrip professional. 10 hours to Pittsburgh and 12 hours back (due to icy situations) and let me tell you, I am worn out from being in the car with those two. Let me tell you the stuff that went on during the trip. Firstly, Mom came home from work one night and something was odd...Dad was packing up the truck! My Newfie senses told me something was up so I had to investigate. Dad packed my food, my treats, my bed, my crate and almost everything I owned...are they giving me away?!?!? Later I found out the answer is no. Mom came home, gave me an ear scratch then she began to hustle all over the house. One ear scratch is not sufficient so that was added to my evidence jar that something was not right. Then they hustled my potty time and put me in the backseat and we went for a drive. Yippee!! A drive!! But this late?!? My eyes were getting droopy as my bunny dreams began to take over...but must...stay...awake...ZzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzZZzzz
Ok so what, I fell asleep. It was way past my bedtime. When I woke up, we were still in the car! Then Mom and Dad told me we were going to Pittsburgh to visit Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie. I will also meet my half Maltese/Pekingese uncle name Yo Yo. I'm so excited. My first roadtrip! So I took more naps, Mom and Dad took breaks so Mom and I could potty, got some treats for looking cute, then napped some more...oh, and potty-timed some more too. FINALLY WE ARRIVED!!!!!
When we first got there I was going crazy from all the new sites and smells...hmm my Uncle smelled old. He did not play with cool ol' me because he's 11 yrs old. But all I wanted to do was play! After many barkuments between Yo Yo and I, we both passed out then restart the cycle all over again. We were driving everyone NUTS!
So Mom and Dad took Yo Yo and I to the park was so much fun! I got to meet other dogs and I got to sniff their butts. There were many butts to sniff. I even dipped my paws in a small creek for the first time...I'm feeling my water-doganova skills begin to kick in. I had my Mom attach some pictures so you can see and I will narrate each one:

Me showing off my sitting skills at the park to Mom

Me, Dad's legs and Yo Yo

Chick Magnet (Moi)

We totally planned this pose

There I go again...sniffin' butts

Yo Yo

After a nice little dip in the mini-creek

Mom and Dad with Moi

Who says I can't fit on the stairs...pssssht!

My signature pose

So my Gma and Gpa and everyone I met loved me! But who could resist my sweet innocent face? I had a lot of fun out in Pittsburgh, Mom says too bad we couldn't stay there to watch the Superbowl. What's that? She says nevermind, she'll explain to me when I'm older. The ride back was not as fun because M & D says the roads were icy. But the three of us got home safely...finally! Let me tell you, I am all roadtripped-out for a while. Next one will be in June for my Auntie's wedding. Well, Koda signing out to go take a nap. Catch you guys later!



  1. Love the pose on the stairs!!!
    Too cute!

  2. loved the pictures with you playing in the snow, Koda! I bet you had fun visiting family!!

    that is a long time in the car though!! I bet you were glad to get out and stretch your legs

    when we moved from Montana to So. Calif, we had a 24 hour car ride; our Mr. Koda didn't fare to well; with all the stress (and he had also been in the kennel for a few days prior because of the movers) his poor tummy got upset but he got better pretty quickly after a trip to the vet

    he likes car rides, just not all day ones :)

    so glad you got home safe and sound!


  3. Hi Koda,
    Sounds like you had alot of fun on your road trip! You sure are getting big buddy, pretty soon you will use that step to rest you chin on. We went for a road trip last year to California, it took us 3 days to get there, and we got to stay in hotels along the way. It was so much fun!
    Great pictures!!

  4. Koda -

    That sounds like a great trip. Are you rooting for the Steelers this Sunday?

    Your buddies,


  5. Hey Koda! Sounds like awesome cool trip! I took a long road trip once all the way to Michigan from Texas. You're right, it can get long and boring [which happens to be conducive for lots and lots of napping] but it was well worth the trip. Can you say snow?!?!? I love snow and we happen not to have any in Texas.

  6. Koda,
    You are one fluffy pup! I would love to wrestle you! Sounds like you had a great first trip. I remember my first trip, too. 3 dogs, 4 humans, one motorhome, 2 weeks, middle of nowhere in Alaska. Boy was it FUN! We actually do this every year. My humans are gluttons for punishment!! Hope you get to travel again soon.

    Gus, Alaskan Bloodhound