Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dog Park Sunday!

Koda here! Mom and Dad took me to the dog park today and I got to play with tons of dogs. I felt like Lindsay Lohan during her anorexic stage because Mom was the WORST paparazzi ever!!!!! Needless to say, she did snap some really handsome shots of me. Here is my awesome day with my parents.
Me and my girlfriend Tara

We totally dig eachother

Cider and me rough housing

Showing his teeth...but he was just playing

me and my Mom posing for a picture

Sniffing around looking for Dad

na na na...the big bad dog!

Mom says I'm looking really mature

I love munching on sticks!!

Mom says it's okay because I'm teething

Dad giving me hugs because I was getting tired


Oh lookie! another stick!

Giving Dad the "I don't wanna go home" look

My handsome side profile

They were right...I was too tired to keep playing. This is me before lights out!

Koda Bear

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

*Drum Roll Please*

I finished my obedience class yesterday! My trainer Kristi said I am awesome...I can sit, down, wait, walk with mom and dad on a leash...I'm just the whole package. What can I say? I'm a stud. I laid on the ground while another puppy kept playing with me, showing them how gentle us Newifes are. Kristi always says what a good boy I am. So Mom and Dad has been doing this new thing with putting a treat or carrot on my paw and making me wait until they say okay. Why? I have no idea. I do it just to humor those two. Well that's it for now. Congrats to moi!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today is a very special day

It's my dad's birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! You're the greatest. My dad is my best friend, he takes me on walks, feeds me, brushes my fur, gives me treats, takes me to the dog park, and gives a mean belly rub! Today he is 27, that seems really old to me. But dad doesn't have any gray hairs yet so I think that is a good sign. Here are some pictures that mom took and I just wanted to share.
The greatest Dad in the world cutting his birthday cake

C'mon dad, let me have a taste

Dad says no. How stingy. Pssssht.

But he's always up for chillin' which is my favorite

He reaches out to comfort me
We even have "guy talk"...usually about the girls at the dog park
He even lets me guard the remote so mom can't steal them
We watch tv together (but dad couldn't keep his eyes open after all that cake he didn't share with moi)
We even snuggle on the couch together because he's my best friend

Happy Birthday Dad! Hope this year brings you lots of joy and you know, good adult things. Also, I hope it brings me more treats and belly rubs. You're the best Dad!

Love, Koda

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I scared Mom and Dad

Don't worry guys, nothing bad happened. But for the past two weeks my paws have been trembling off and on, sometimes when I sit, sometimes when I lay down, but I don't feel any pain! It got the Mom and Dad worried though. They gave me extra attention and reduced my dog park time (psssssht!). They don't let me play too long with other puppies at the park and if I show any signs of fatigue they take me home and let me rest. Finally, Mom decides that I needed to go see my buddy Dr. H at the animal hospital because she was worried that something was wrong with me. Mom's a bit of a worrier but I keep telling her that I feel fine! So yesterday while Dad was at the dentist to repair his broken front tooth (that's another story I'll tell next time), Mom drove me to see Dr. H. All the girls at the office love me because I'm so handsome. I got to go behind their desk and sniff around (because I'm so nosey). Then Mom put me on the scale and I am 55.4 lbs at 19 weeks. Mom told the girls she keeps me on the lean side because she doesn't want any damage to my bones and joints. I'm even on adult food! I feel so grown up. Well, long story short, they brought me into the "room" where Dr. H. examined me. He bent my arms, watched me do my model walk and said everything looks fine. He says I don't look like I'm in any distress (psssssht the only distress I get is when Mom and Dad don't let me out fast enough to potty). I told you so Mom that I was fine! So don't worry guys, Koda Bear is still as handsome and playful as ever.

*He is so stinkin' cute. Here are a couple pictures of him looking pathetic on the couch. I just want to bite his little face! And YES, he did get lots of hugs and kisses. Little stinker.*

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Moi? A Couch potato?

Psssssht! Mom says I'm a couch potato! (What does that mean? I don't look like a potato laying on a couch) I've recently discovered the joys of laying on the couch. Mom spread down a sheet on it because she says I get my dirty paws (pssssht) and my shedding puppy fur (psssssht!) all over the couch if she doesn't. Plus when Mom and Dad are sitting there I want to be with them and cuddle or if I find one of my bones of toys I like to get up on the couch to enjoy it. *It's true...he's showing the beginning stages of couch potato-hood. My boy's growin' up. *Tear** Well my mom thought it was funny to attach some pictures as evidence to her theory.

Just wait until I tell Ah-Ma on you mom. She'll put you in grown up time-out! My Ah-Ma is my mom's mom. She spoils me because I'm so cute. Well, my lips and jowls are getting dried from talking. I'm going to take a nap on the couch while laying on Mom because that's what moms are for...for us baby Newfs to lay on. She's going to finish publishing my narrative. ZzzzzZZZzzzzzzzz

*He's asleep, I'll sign out for him. Couch Potato Koda saying goodbye!*

I totally heard that Mom.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Okay, my mom did that because she is a huge Steelers fan since she is from Pittsburgh (I was there last week!). Mom and Dad took me to my first Superbowl party, I had no idea what a Superbowl was. I thought it was a ginormous bowl for us Newfs filled with water or treats, but when I got there there was no bowl! Only a small water bowl for me. Ludicrous. Well, I met some new people last night and they seemed to like me alot. Who could ever not like such a loveable, handsome Newf? I DID spend the majority of the time napping, because it's my signature past-time but I also went around and mouthed everyone just to say hi. Mom and Dad said that was unacceptable and corrected me...but all I wanted to do was see what everyone was up to! All in all, Mom and Dad were very proud of my good behavior. They gave me lots of hugs and kisses when we got home then put me to bed...afterall, I need to rest after all the excitement.

So today Mom and Dad are both home with moi. I like these days because I can have the both of them all to myself. Dad took me for a long walk this morning and I overheard those two whispering something about a park later on this afternoon. I'm pretending I didn't hear anything but I'm so super duper excited right now. OH! I forgot to tell you what those two did to me two nights ago. Dad was scratching my belly and giving me ear rubs then Mom snuck up on me and clipped my nails and trimmed my paw hair. The NERVE! I was happily napping by the door when those two ninja-wanna bes plotted against me and held me down for a forced tummy rub/manicure. Mom told me she has to trim my paw hair so I don't slip. Psssssht I don't slip. But it does feel better. I guess moms do know best. She did buy me this nice rawhide because I'm teething.
Well my eyes are getting droopy.....
I think it's that time again......ZzzzzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzzz

Koda Bear