Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Thanks

So this is my second Thanksgiving ever...I don't quite remember the one last year because I was only a couple months old and I slept the majority of the time (not that this year was any different but at least I got to eat turkey this year!). So mom, dad and I pretty much hung out allllll day. I went for a walk with Dad while Mom was cooking all this deliciousness in the kitchen, then I pretty much just laid in the kitchen to make sure if she dropped something I'd clean it up. Tonight for din din I got my regular kibble, mixed with my usual salmon oil and this time instead of my EVO canned food I got lots of turkey!! It was SO YUMMY! Mom's the best cook. They didn't let me have anything else but that's fine by me, since I don't normally get to have what they eat. Here are some pics that my Mom, the paparazzi took me of throughout the day.
the King of the Couch
Look how handsome I am...girls, I'm single!

On the couch watching Mom cook

Waiting for the turkey to be finished sure takes a long time...I might as well nap

Mom thought it'd be funny to see how we compare laying down. I'd say we're pretty close in height!

This woman sure loves to cuddle me...I ain't complaining!

a close up of yours truly

mom thinks close up pics are fun...but I beg to differ

My first bite or was HEAVEN!

Hanging out on my throne...waiting for someone to come pet me

A very full and satisfied Newf. Thanks Mom and Dad!

So i'd have to say, my first REAL Thanksgiving was quite good. Although I didn't really "help" mom do any of the cooking, she liked having me in the kitchen for good company. Every so often she'd come and pet my belly. Life is good in this Newfie's world...

Your friend,

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My new buddies

So mom and dad went somewhere tonight without me (the NERVE!). Mom had just fed me din din and those two snuck out and must've done something FUN because they came back with a new fish dad called a Jack Dempsey and mom brought me two new stuffies! I got a football with arms and legs that squeeks and a little gorilla that makes the coolest noises! Mom is pulling her hair out right now because she says why in the world did she buy something so loud for me. Ha! Here they are:
My new gorilla and football stuffies

Why is he making such weird noises??

I'm gonna take you down monkey!

But moooom I like to hear the noises my stuffie makes

My new best friend

Your friend,

Monday, November 23, 2009

Random Pics

what is not like the other?

What, I just wanna hang out with the guys!

Ok, once again, which one is not like the others

Giving mom the stink eye

Mom was away this weekend for something called a bachlerette party...what?? She left me home alone with dad, which was cool cuz we did guy stuff. I got to go up to Maine and see Grammy and Grampy, hang out outside all day. I was exhausted! Nothing new and exciting to post today, hopefully I will soon!

Your bud,
Koda Bear

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good day

So, I've been on house arrest for over a month with NO dog park, NO dog park, and NO DOG PARK because Mom and Dad said they noticed a slight limp in my front leg. They thought it might be me growing so tall or playing too hard with my friends so they 'thought' it'd be a good idea for me to take it easy. But for a whole month? That's like YEARS in my time. They've only been playing with me in the back yard and going for long walks...BORiNG! Since I was a young lad they started making me eat this nasty pill called just sounds yucky. Mom hides it in my food with some Evo canned food - woman thinks she's sneaky but well, actually she is because I eat it. Since there's been no dog park, Dad's been taking me swimming at my favorite lake because it's better for my joints. I looooove to swim. I can outswim Mom! I don't let her go very far because I'm afraid she'll drown so I drag her back to shore when I think it's necessary. But that'll be a whole nother post...about 'Mom's Swimming Skills'.

Well today, when Mom finally woke up I knew something was up. She was getting ready to go somewhere and she kept looking at me...then the magical words "You wanna go have some fun?" And I said to my mom "Um Mom, am I a Newfie? Of course I wanna go have some fun!" So she packs me in the truck and takes me to my favorite place to hike. It's just me and my mom. We hiked for a while I got to sniff out the WHOLE place it was terrific. She even carried my own water bottle in her back pack so when we stopped I slurped water and wiped it on her shirt. It was so fun today. And afterwards, I took a long nap. Life is good..

Your friend,

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm being stalked

So my mom works 3 days a week as a nurse in some hospital. She works two 12 hour shifts and a 16 hour shift because she works a 40 hour week but doesn't want to be away 4 days out of the week so she consolidated her time to have 4 days off with yours truly. I know, I'm spoiled. So on mom's days off, she takes me out and plays with me, pretends to chase me and plays fetch. Then we go on walks, sometimes to K9 comforts for treats. But recently, she's been taking that flashy device called a 'camera' and watching my every move. When she sees me doing something she calls "cute" (soooo not manly, don't let the girls hear that), she takes a picture. She is the
WORST paparazzi ever. I feel like I'm being stalked. This picture above is me giving mom the "eye" to let her know I'm on to her. You see, us Newfies have good senses when being preyed on. Well, nap time. Falling asleep. ZzzZzzZZzzzZZZZzzz


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekend Shaninigans

Woof! What a nice weekend it was. Mom, Dad and I were struck with a ray of sunshine both days so we took FULL advantage and hung out outside and played. I got to go on a couple car rides since they didn't want to leave me home alone, and because I like to tag along. I got to go to K9 Comforts, like my favorite place ever because that's where Mom gets my treats. Dad and I were walking around the store while Mom was picking out my bully sticks and beef tracheas...and putting it on Dad's tab. Women and their money spending. Today Dad and I raked up the is hard work! Meanwhile, a certain paparazzi was capturing the father and son moments. What a great life!

Mom can't believe how big and handsome I'm getting

Dad and I playing

I'm one helluva retriever!

"Hey Sammy wanna go smoke some pot in the shed?"

My extra long bully stick...thanks to Mom and Dad

Showing Dad where the leaves are

Blending in

See the drool on my nose?

What a big baby

your big black hairy friend,