Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cozy little Sunday

To my dearest friends, sorry I have not written in a while. Mom and I have been sick the past couple days, she was feeling yucky and so was I. I threw up for the first time in my puppy life and let me tell you it was not fun! Mom took me to the vet and he said I was okay, just eating too fast. (Moi? Eat too fast? I just skip the chewing part that's all). I was such a good boy at the vet, Dr. H gave me lots of hugs and so did my Mom. I weighed 39.2 lbs at 15 weeks and my Mom tells me I'm the biggest stud ever. Then came the part which I, Koda Bear, was NOT a fan of. Shots! I got 2 shots and something through my nose called the "Kennel Cough" which I just DON'T understand because my kennel doesn't cough! After we said goodbye to all the nice people at the vet, Mom took me to somewhere sooooooooo awesome called the Barkery. I got to pick out treats and I even stole a cookie because I'm such a ninja. *Yup, just put it on Mom's tab* The owner kept giving me hugs and kisses and I was just so ecstatic I couldn't help but have the zoomies in the store! But don't worry guys, I am feeling much better. Mom made me boiled ground beef with rice for a few meals and I have not thrown up.

For now, I must sleep because that's what us Newfie pups do, we sleep.

Lots of slobbery kisses,
Koda Bear


  1. Hey Koda,
    Glad to hear you and your mom are feeling better!... I don't mind going to my vet either, everyone wants to see me, and its such a big thing when they weigh me. I last weighed in at 175lbs. Things to look forward too hey Koda! You sleep just like me Koda, it must be a newfie thing. Have a great Sunday!

  2. Hey Koda,

    sorry to hear you were feeling unwell! I heard some fast-eating dogs eat from muffin-baking-tins to slow them down, maybe try this? This store sounds great, I wish we could go there, too.

    Habca & Miriam