Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm 3 and a half months old today!

Hi guys! Koda checking in. Mom and Dad are both home today so the three of us got to go for a long walk this morning and DOG was I good on the leash! We ran around the back yard while I chased them. Mom says I have a puppy fro' and I look like a "brotha" which I think I am just ridiculously goodlooking. So life is good, well you know how us puppies are...we eat, no. 1 and 2, take naps, go for walks, roll around in the snow, bite mom and dad (don't think they let me get away with it even tho I have the cutest face in the world), chew on everything, pose like a good boy for treats, belly rubs, and you know, just lookin' cute. M and D (Mom and Dad) disappeared for a while today and LEFT ME IN MY CRATE! The nerve! But when they got back I got lots of hugs and kisses although they smelled a tad suspicious...LIKE OTHER DOGS. Woof! *Mom here...we went to the pet store and got him some stuff. He's such a brat* So I got my mom to post some pictures since my paws are getting too big for the laptop and when I tried to type instead of "Love, your favorite nephew" I wrote "Lobe yur faboritw nepee u". Hope you enjoy.

Mom and dad got me frozen bone marrow for a surprise!

Me sitting in mom's lap while she holds my rawhide. I'm totally NOT spoiled. P.S. notice Dad in the background playing Wii. Mom can kick totally kick his butt.

*Nom Nom Nom* Sure tastes good having someone else hold it for you


  1. Dear Koda,
    happy 3 1/2months-birthday! I am glad your M&D bought you something for this special day. ;-)

    Miriam & Habca

  2. You're certainly growing fast into those large paws of yours. Rosie wishes she could play with you. She needs a young, spritely companion as she gets older.

  3. Happy 3 1/2 month birthday Koda! You are just too cute! Hope you have a wonderfully spoiled day!

  4. Koda -

    It's great to meet you. You sure are a cute young boy. Stay in touch.