Thursday, January 29, 2009

My first roadtrip

Guys...I'm proud to tell you all that I survived my first roadtrip with Mom and Dad. I'm officially a roadtrip professional. 10 hours to Pittsburgh and 12 hours back (due to icy situations) and let me tell you, I am worn out from being in the car with those two. Let me tell you the stuff that went on during the trip. Firstly, Mom came home from work one night and something was odd...Dad was packing up the truck! My Newfie senses told me something was up so I had to investigate. Dad packed my food, my treats, my bed, my crate and almost everything I owned...are they giving me away?!?!? Later I found out the answer is no. Mom came home, gave me an ear scratch then she began to hustle all over the house. One ear scratch is not sufficient so that was added to my evidence jar that something was not right. Then they hustled my potty time and put me in the backseat and we went for a drive. Yippee!! A drive!! But this late?!? My eyes were getting droopy as my bunny dreams began to take over...but must...stay...awake...ZzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzZZzzz
Ok so what, I fell asleep. It was way past my bedtime. When I woke up, we were still in the car! Then Mom and Dad told me we were going to Pittsburgh to visit Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie. I will also meet my half Maltese/Pekingese uncle name Yo Yo. I'm so excited. My first roadtrip! So I took more naps, Mom and Dad took breaks so Mom and I could potty, got some treats for looking cute, then napped some more...oh, and potty-timed some more too. FINALLY WE ARRIVED!!!!!
When we first got there I was going crazy from all the new sites and smells...hmm my Uncle smelled old. He did not play with cool ol' me because he's 11 yrs old. But all I wanted to do was play! After many barkuments between Yo Yo and I, we both passed out then restart the cycle all over again. We were driving everyone NUTS!
So Mom and Dad took Yo Yo and I to the park was so much fun! I got to meet other dogs and I got to sniff their butts. There were many butts to sniff. I even dipped my paws in a small creek for the first time...I'm feeling my water-doganova skills begin to kick in. I had my Mom attach some pictures so you can see and I will narrate each one:

Me showing off my sitting skills at the park to Mom

Me, Dad's legs and Yo Yo

Chick Magnet (Moi)

We totally planned this pose

There I go again...sniffin' butts

Yo Yo

After a nice little dip in the mini-creek

Mom and Dad with Moi

Who says I can't fit on the stairs...pssssht!

My signature pose

So my Gma and Gpa and everyone I met loved me! But who could resist my sweet innocent face? I had a lot of fun out in Pittsburgh, Mom says too bad we couldn't stay there to watch the Superbowl. What's that? She says nevermind, she'll explain to me when I'm older. The ride back was not as fun because M & D says the roads were icy. But the three of us got home safely...finally! Let me tell you, I am all roadtripped-out for a while. Next one will be in June for my Auntie's wedding. Well, Koda signing out to go take a nap. Catch you guys later!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snowed in!

Yikes! It has been snowing all day and I love it! I was out this morning helping Dad shovel the driveway while Mom was snoring away. Dad said it's snowed about 6 inches which us Newfies don't know measurements but what we do know is it is SO MUCH FUN! I'm making Mom type because my paws are getting bigger plus I'm busy doing this: Chewing on my frozen marrow. She's my personal secretary.

Yesterday Mom and Dad both took me to the dog park and as promised, we provided pictures. I met a ton of new friends and even my new girlfriend Tara! She is a 4 year old Newfie and super cool but Mom said I might be too young to date. I've got a few years to go before I can take a girl out. Here's a picture of me and Tara.

Here are some more pictures:
Dad and I walking through the open field

Me and my two girlfriends Luna and Tara

Showing off to my girlfriends my manly sitting skills. I'm such a stud.

My handsome self walking to the bridge

Sniffin' is what I do best

Mom and Dad said they were so proud of me because I would go to them when called and I am only 4 months old! Happy Birthday to me, yesterday I turned 4 months. We had such a good time at the park except when this puppy came and attacked me and his mom didn't do a thing. All I wanted to do was go back to my Mom and Dad but he wouldn't give up so finally Dad had to come save me. I'm such a good boy I didn't attack back because us Newfies are sweet and gentle. After that, M n D put me in the backseat and I blacked out til we got home. This is me priod to blacking out:

After that...ZzZzzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzzzz

Now my lips are dry from telling Mom what to type and chewing my marrow so I must go drink some water and maybe take another nap. Woof!

Until the next lick,
Koda Bear

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My first obedience class

Koda here! As you can see by my title, I had my first obedience class last night. Mom and Dad both came with me for moral support and let me tell you there were tons of moral support! *His idea of moral support is yummy treats which he sure got alot of* There were 3 other puppies in my class and they were all less than 5 lbs. I was weighing in at a giant 41 lbs because I'm such a stud. So the trainer, her name is Kristy, was so nice she kept giving me hugs and "moral support". I like this moral support stuff. We learned "sit" and "come". Pssssssssh I already know those things so I showed off for Mom and Dad. They were so proud of me because I'm the best puppy ever. How can you resist my face?
At one point, to show off my manliness, I put a puggle in a headlock. *Yes, yes he did. We had to calm him down with "moral support"* Afterwards we came back to the homefront and I passed out from being the biggest stud in class. I heard Mom tell Dad that she was going to take me to the dog park today, I'm pretending I don't know a thing. I'm such a great actor. Lassie who?

I guess I'll go back to napping because it's only my favoritest thing to do aside from tummy rubs and cookies.

Koda Bear

P.S. Mom thought this picture was cute, she says Dad and I are her favorite men in the world. Dad was fixing my divider in my bed because I'm getting bigger and need more elbow room to stretch out.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cozy little Sunday

To my dearest friends, sorry I have not written in a while. Mom and I have been sick the past couple days, she was feeling yucky and so was I. I threw up for the first time in my puppy life and let me tell you it was not fun! Mom took me to the vet and he said I was okay, just eating too fast. (Moi? Eat too fast? I just skip the chewing part that's all). I was such a good boy at the vet, Dr. H gave me lots of hugs and so did my Mom. I weighed 39.2 lbs at 15 weeks and my Mom tells me I'm the biggest stud ever. Then came the part which I, Koda Bear, was NOT a fan of. Shots! I got 2 shots and something through my nose called the "Kennel Cough" which I just DON'T understand because my kennel doesn't cough! After we said goodbye to all the nice people at the vet, Mom took me to somewhere sooooooooo awesome called the Barkery. I got to pick out treats and I even stole a cookie because I'm such a ninja. *Yup, just put it on Mom's tab* The owner kept giving me hugs and kisses and I was just so ecstatic I couldn't help but have the zoomies in the store! But don't worry guys, I am feeling much better. Mom made me boiled ground beef with rice for a few meals and I have not thrown up.

For now, I must sleep because that's what us Newfie pups do, we sleep.

Lots of slobbery kisses,
Koda Bear

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hi guys, Koda here. Just lounging around with Mom and Dad since they are both home today. Mom has today off and Dad is "working" from home...whatever that means. They better take me on lots of walks and rub my belly and be my chew toy since Auntie Al left and she tasted very yummy. *Mom here...Don't think he got away with chewing his Auntie* So the M & D left me in my crate while they drove Auntie to something called the airport (what's that?) and I had a small accident while they were gone. I felt so bad when they got home but they weren't mad. Mom took me outside to finish and Dad cleaned my bed. THEN THE IMAGINABLE...a bath they say? What's that? Well, they put me in this huge tub thing and soaked me with water and rubbed this white foamy stuff all over me. I did not cry once, I just sat in the tub while Mom and Dad massaged me...and I kind of liked it. I should get a mountain of treats for my good behavior. *He really was good! He's not even exaggerating like he normally does* I definitely got lots of hugs and treats tho. Well here are some of the events that happened yesterday. As you can see, I am a small beefcake. Mom says when I grow up I can have a girlfriend...EWW! I don't want their cooties.

Me posing for Mom...I'm such a stud

Playing basketball with Dad

I almost got the ball!

I got the ball because Dad is too slow. And because I'm awesome.

Now...a nap with/on Mom.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm 3 and a half months old today!

Hi guys! Koda checking in. Mom and Dad are both home today so the three of us got to go for a long walk this morning and DOG was I good on the leash! We ran around the back yard while I chased them. Mom says I have a puppy fro' and I look like a "brotha" which I think I am just ridiculously goodlooking. So life is good, well you know how us puppies are...we eat, no. 1 and 2, take naps, go for walks, roll around in the snow, bite mom and dad (don't think they let me get away with it even tho I have the cutest face in the world), chew on everything, pose like a good boy for treats, belly rubs, and you know, just lookin' cute. M and D (Mom and Dad) disappeared for a while today and LEFT ME IN MY CRATE! The nerve! But when they got back I got lots of hugs and kisses although they smelled a tad suspicious...LIKE OTHER DOGS. Woof! *Mom here...we went to the pet store and got him some stuff. He's such a brat* So I got my mom to post some pictures since my paws are getting too big for the laptop and when I tried to type instead of "Love, your favorite nephew" I wrote "Lobe yur faboritw nepee u". Hope you enjoy.

Mom and dad got me frozen bone marrow for a surprise!

Me sitting in mom's lap while she holds my rawhide. I'm totally NOT spoiled. P.S. notice Dad in the background playing Wii. Mom can kick totally kick his butt.

*Nom Nom Nom* Sure tastes good having someone else hold it for you

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Ear!

Woof! It's been very cold here in good ol' Mass. But us Newfies love the cold, mom and dad sure don't. Especially when I have to go potty every 2 hours. Last night mom went to pick up her sister, my Auntie Al from the airport. Poor Auntie got stuck in the snow storm and had to be re-routed! She finally got here but then mom had to go to work, but came home right in time to ring in the New Ear with me, her favorite big ball of joy. I was such a good boy last night, got lots of treats, tummy rubs from Auntie, and I didn't make a peep throughout the night in my crate! *pat on back with paw* Today I woke up and mom took me out for a walk, I was such a good boy. I didn't even try to run away, I stayed by mom on my leash the whole time and I'm almost 14 weeks! Then mom and I went out and played in the snow, then she shoveled and I sat and watched.
Now it's nap time!