Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My first obedience class

Koda here! As you can see by my title, I had my first obedience class last night. Mom and Dad both came with me for moral support and let me tell you there were tons of moral support! *His idea of moral support is yummy treats which he sure got alot of* There were 3 other puppies in my class and they were all less than 5 lbs. I was weighing in at a giant 41 lbs because I'm such a stud. So the trainer, her name is Kristy, was so nice she kept giving me hugs and "moral support". I like this moral support stuff. We learned "sit" and "come". Pssssssssh I already know those things so I showed off for Mom and Dad. They were so proud of me because I'm the best puppy ever. How can you resist my face?
At one point, to show off my manliness, I put a puggle in a headlock. *Yes, yes he did. We had to calm him down with "moral support"* Afterwards we came back to the homefront and I passed out from being the biggest stud in class. I heard Mom tell Dad that she was going to take me to the dog park today, I'm pretending I don't know a thing. I'm such a great actor. Lassie who?

I guess I'll go back to napping because it's only my favoritest thing to do aside from tummy rubs and cookies.

Koda Bear

P.S. Mom thought this picture was cute, she says Dad and I are her favorite men in the world. Dad was fixing my divider in my bed because I'm getting bigger and need more elbow room to stretch out.


  1. You are a handsome boy, for sure...
    keep up the good work.

  2. Hey, you are such a good boy. Way to go! You already look more grown-up in your new pictures.

    Habca & Miriam

  3. Sounds like fun, but no more puggles headlocks!

  4. Hey Koda,
    Class is alot of fun, you will meet girls at them. You are sure getting big and handsome, you only have 140lbs to go to catch up to me.
    Hugs to ya buddy

  5. Isn't it funny how Newfs always have their own entourage with them wherever they go?!? I had a pretty sizable entourage last week, just to go for a walk! Mom and Dad went with me, plus my Grandma and Grandpa!