Monday, February 2, 2009


Okay, my mom did that because she is a huge Steelers fan since she is from Pittsburgh (I was there last week!). Mom and Dad took me to my first Superbowl party, I had no idea what a Superbowl was. I thought it was a ginormous bowl for us Newfs filled with water or treats, but when I got there there was no bowl! Only a small water bowl for me. Ludicrous. Well, I met some new people last night and they seemed to like me alot. Who could ever not like such a loveable, handsome Newf? I DID spend the majority of the time napping, because it's my signature past-time but I also went around and mouthed everyone just to say hi. Mom and Dad said that was unacceptable and corrected me...but all I wanted to do was see what everyone was up to! All in all, Mom and Dad were very proud of my good behavior. They gave me lots of hugs and kisses when we got home then put me to bed...afterall, I need to rest after all the excitement.

So today Mom and Dad are both home with moi. I like these days because I can have the both of them all to myself. Dad took me for a long walk this morning and I overheard those two whispering something about a park later on this afternoon. I'm pretending I didn't hear anything but I'm so super duper excited right now. OH! I forgot to tell you what those two did to me two nights ago. Dad was scratching my belly and giving me ear rubs then Mom snuck up on me and clipped my nails and trimmed my paw hair. The NERVE! I was happily napping by the door when those two ninja-wanna bes plotted against me and held me down for a forced tummy rub/manicure. Mom told me she has to trim my paw hair so I don't slip. Psssssht I don't slip. But it does feel better. I guess moms do know best. She did buy me this nice rawhide because I'm teething.
Well my eyes are getting droopy.....
I think it's that time again......ZzzzzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzzz

Koda Bear


  1. so glad you were pretty behaved on your outing, Koda!! that was a good game

    our Koda enjoyed watching it.....oh wait.....he wasn't watching the game...but watching us since we were snacking on cheese and crackers, his favorite, and yes he got a nibble or two or three or four....he is a corgi after all

    enjoy your time at the park!


  2. Hi Koda! Nice to meet ya! Me and my pack of humans live in south central PA-about 10 miles from Maryland and about 2 hrs. from Pittsburgh. That's way too cool you got to go to a super bowl party. Don't worry about not knowing what's going on. Mom watched it too even though she only understands about a quarter of it. I must add that you are one cool lookin' dude! Stinks about the nail trimming though-I don't like that either!! I'll be watching your blog for more fun and excitement!