Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snowed in!

Yikes! It has been snowing all day and I love it! I was out this morning helping Dad shovel the driveway while Mom was snoring away. Dad said it's snowed about 6 inches which us Newfies don't know measurements but what we do know is it is SO MUCH FUN! I'm making Mom type because my paws are getting bigger plus I'm busy doing this: Chewing on my frozen marrow. She's my personal secretary.

Yesterday Mom and Dad both took me to the dog park and as promised, we provided pictures. I met a ton of new friends and even my new girlfriend Tara! She is a 4 year old Newfie and super cool but Mom said I might be too young to date. I've got a few years to go before I can take a girl out. Here's a picture of me and Tara.

Here are some more pictures:
Dad and I walking through the open field

Me and my two girlfriends Luna and Tara

Showing off to my girlfriends my manly sitting skills. I'm such a stud.

My handsome self walking to the bridge

Sniffin' is what I do best

Mom and Dad said they were so proud of me because I would go to them when called and I am only 4 months old! Happy Birthday to me, yesterday I turned 4 months. We had such a good time at the park except when this puppy came and attacked me and his mom didn't do a thing. All I wanted to do was go back to my Mom and Dad but he wouldn't give up so finally Dad had to come save me. I'm such a good boy I didn't attack back because us Newfies are sweet and gentle. After that, M n D put me in the backseat and I blacked out til we got home. This is me priod to blacking out:

After that...ZzZzzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzzzz

Now my lips are dry from telling Mom what to type and chewing my marrow so I must go drink some water and maybe take another nap. Woof!

Until the next lick,
Koda Bear


  1. You are a sweetie!
    WROOOOO to you,
    Zack, Sas, Bud

  2. Hey Koda,
    It looks like you had lotsa fun in the snow. And you are getting bigger and handsomer every day!!!

  3. Hi Koda Bear; we just had to stop in and say "hi" and follow your blog for a bit; I'm a big dog too although I may look small, in my heart, I know I'm as big as a you. I liked your snow pictures; I used to live in Montana and used to enjoy romping around in the snow but mom and dad "had" to move back closer to family in Southern California; I like your name too!

    take care of your mom and dad

    Koda (and betty, my personal secretary :)

  4. Hey Koda,

    we left you an award, because we like your blog and you are such a sweetie!

    Miriam & Habca