Monday, January 5, 2009

Hi guys, Koda here. Just lounging around with Mom and Dad since they are both home today. Mom has today off and Dad is "working" from home...whatever that means. They better take me on lots of walks and rub my belly and be my chew toy since Auntie Al left and she tasted very yummy. *Mom here...Don't think he got away with chewing his Auntie* So the M & D left me in my crate while they drove Auntie to something called the airport (what's that?) and I had a small accident while they were gone. I felt so bad when they got home but they weren't mad. Mom took me outside to finish and Dad cleaned my bed. THEN THE IMAGINABLE...a bath they say? What's that? Well, they put me in this huge tub thing and soaked me with water and rubbed this white foamy stuff all over me. I did not cry once, I just sat in the tub while Mom and Dad massaged me...and I kind of liked it. I should get a mountain of treats for my good behavior. *He really was good! He's not even exaggerating like he normally does* I definitely got lots of hugs and treats tho. Well here are some of the events that happened yesterday. As you can see, I am a small beefcake. Mom says when I grow up I can have a girlfriend...EWW! I don't want their cooties.

Me posing for Mom...I'm such a stud

Playing basketball with Dad

I almost got the ball!

I got the ball because Dad is too slow. And because I'm awesome.

Now...a nap with/on Mom.


  1. A bath and not one whimper? You ARE a stud!


  2. Hi Koda,
    Where are the pictures of you in your bath!! You would look really cute with that white stuff all over. Oh by the way, I do have all my man parts, and I am so looking for a girlfriend, you will understand soon. Have a look at my youtube videos under Gizmosav.
    Do you have any videos to share.
    Take care buddy,

  3. You are beautiful Koda. Greetings from Warsaw, Poland.
    bye Sunia Lotka