Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Holidays Ya'll!

Happy Holidays to all my friends, fur and no fur. Hope you all have a safe and nice day!
Your friend,

Monday, December 14, 2009

I should be a male model Mom decided that it'd be cool to take me outside and take some pictures of me in the snow. She is obsessed with taking pictures of me! But who can blame her, I 'm a handsome guy. We got some good snow last week so I got to romp around outside with Mom and Dad. Anyways, here are some photos of me. I should be on the next cover of Men's Health! Don't you agree?

my side profile

Geez Mom can you get any closer??

our family photo

Love, Koda

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Update on my paw

So my paw's getting better! I was having some trouble getting up for a couple days, I really got mom and dad worried. I couldn't care any weight on my back hip which is weird because I didn't fall or hurt my back leg, the vet says if it isn't better in a couple days I'm gonna have to get my blood drawn (yikes!). But I'm better! I'm able to walk around fine and getting up is much better. I think I might've given my mom a heart attack when all this happened. But don't worry, I have to go back to see Dr. H on tuesday to remove my staples (yikes again!) Dad was sad because he had to go to Vegas for his bachelor party (without his best man- me!). But he's been calling everyday to check up on mom and me. So the past couple days has just been me and my mom. We've been doing alot of laying around because she wanted to let me rest - what? I'm a young boy I don't need rest! The only thing I got to do was go for a couple small walks, that's about it. Mom's been walk-stingy. Ok Ok so the best part of my update is that we finally got snow!!! Yesterday when Mom and home and let me out there was snow EVERYWHERE! I was in heaven! I was running around the backyard like a lunatic! Dad says he wishes he was here to see me play in the snow. But he'll be back tonight. Mom promises more pictures soon! If not I'll tell her to get on it.

Peace out,

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My paw

So Mom and I went hiking today at our favorite place and it was so much fun. It was just the two of us and we got to go exploring! Well, at the end of our hike me being my adolescent, stubborn self decide to not listen to Mom and go sprinting off into the water (come on! Us newfies LOVE water!) and then into the other side of the river into the marsh. I think Mom was furious. But it was so worth it because I got to swim! So she dragged my fabulous tush back into the newf-mobile (hmmph!) and I guess my fun was over. Then she turns back and looks at me and I can see something was wrong. I heard her call Dad to tell him that I was bleeding and she comes back and examines my paw. I could see that she was scared, but I don't know why because I felt fine! Just some red stuff coming out from my paw. Then she immediately calls my vet and drove there right away. We got to be seen very quickly by Dr. Bailey and she was so nice to me. They ended up shaving my paw to see where I was bleeding from. Dr. B told Mom that I had a small laceration on my dew claw (I didn't even know I had one!) and she put 2 small staples on it. Then I got a wrap on my paw so it doesn't get dirty. They even put me on antibiotics! Geez! Well, I'm totally fine but my poor Mom was crying at the office (don't tell her I said that!). I went and gave her big kisses to let her know that I'm really okay. We came home after that and I got to chew on my big flossy and Mom gave me more hugs and kisses than she ever have before. Then Dad came home and did the same thing...gosh you guys, it's just a small paw cut!