Friday, August 28, 2009

Just me and my mom

That woman in the picture...yeah that's my mom. She spoils me rotten! The pictures were taken the day after she went out with Dad, Uncle Jay, and Auntie Allie. They came home smelling like booze. And gave me LOTS of hugs...I guess when they smell like booze they all feel the need to hug and kiss me more than usual. Weird. Well it was a good day, I got to hang out with mom and dad alllll day. Dad was cleaning the fish tank so we Mom and I just hung out and laid on my bed.
I had to go check out what dad was doing because I'm very nosy. I need to know EVERYTHING. Especially if there's food or fun involved. But nothing was going on so I went back to mom.
Look how long my tongue is! Mom says I give the best, most slobbery kisses ever. Look how big I look next to her!

a close up of yours truly...look how big and grown up I look.

I'm turning the big ONE next month. I heard mom saying something about a birthday party? I think I'll act surprised. I'm very good at acting, I could totally co-star with George Clooney.

Until next time,
Koda Bear