Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My summer vacation with Mom and Dad

So remember when I went to Pittsburgh my first time in January? Well I got to go again! This time I was 10 months old and very well behaved. The weather was sunny every single day and my grandma and grandpa spoiled me ROTTEN. I got to go to the dog park, many walks, hang out with my uncle Yo Yo, and got many belly rubs from people. Since I'm such a handsome young Newf, whenever I was sitting outside people would come up and ask Mom and Dad if they could pet me. I mean, who wouldn't want to come see moi?

And on the weekend, Mom, Dad, Grandpa and I drove to this lake to go fishing. They rented a pontoon boat and I got to be the co-captain! The adults couldn't believe how well behaved I was. They even let me go swimming! Then on Friday night the rest of the crew came and met us. We stayed at a cottage just down the street and saturday morning at 5am they woke me up. What were they thinking?? Who goes fishing that early? Well, we finally got to the pontoon boat at 7. It was so fun, I got to swim more and bite the lily pads.

Here are some pictures from my trip:

chillin outside

giving mom kisses

me after my swim

mom thinks she's hilarious to do this to me while i was sleeping

being the water dog that i am

the king of the boat

who can say no to this face?

me and dad

doing my favorite thing...napping