Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekend Shaninigans

Woof! What a nice weekend it was. Mom, Dad and I were struck with a ray of sunshine both days so we took FULL advantage and hung out outside and played. I got to go on a couple car rides since they didn't want to leave me home alone, and because I like to tag along. I got to go to K9 Comforts, like my favorite place ever because that's where Mom gets my treats. Dad and I were walking around the store while Mom was picking out my bully sticks and beef tracheas...and putting it on Dad's tab. Women and their money spending. Today Dad and I raked up the is hard work! Meanwhile, a certain paparazzi was capturing the father and son moments. What a great life!

Mom can't believe how big and handsome I'm getting

Dad and I playing

I'm one helluva retriever!

"Hey Sammy wanna go smoke some pot in the shed?"

My extra long bully stick...thanks to Mom and Dad

Showing Dad where the leaves are

Blending in

See the drool on my nose?

What a big baby

your big black hairy friend,


  1. What great pics! Looks like you had a great weekend! You are getting big!

  2. Great pics, looks like you had a blast!!! Yup, you sure are one big doggie!!!

    lotsa licks,

  3. Wow!!!..Koda you are growing up!!...what a good looking boy your mom says you are very handsome indeed!....
    how much do you weigh now?