Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My new buddies

So mom and dad went somewhere tonight without me (the NERVE!). Mom had just fed me din din and those two snuck out and must've done something FUN because they came back with a new fish dad called a Jack Dempsey and mom brought me two new stuffies! I got a football with arms and legs that squeeks and a little gorilla that makes the coolest noises! Mom is pulling her hair out right now because she says why in the world did she buy something so loud for me. Ha! Here they are:
My new gorilla and football stuffies

Why is he making such weird noises??

I'm gonna take you down monkey!

But moooom I like to hear the noises my stuffie makes

My new best friend

Your friend,


  1. Cool new stuffies...we usually disembowel the squeaker first!!!
    We're posting an award for you on our blog Friday!
    Wrooo wrooo!

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  3. I like stuffies too! They make funny noises! I am happy you got presents, your mom and dad must love you a lot! Just like Mike and Beth love me....isn't it nice?