Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm being stalked

So my mom works 3 days a week as a nurse in some hospital. She works two 12 hour shifts and a 16 hour shift because she works a 40 hour week but doesn't want to be away 4 days out of the week so she consolidated her time to have 4 days off with yours truly. I know, I'm spoiled. So on mom's days off, she takes me out and plays with me, pretends to chase me and plays fetch. Then we go on walks, sometimes to K9 comforts for treats. But recently, she's been taking that flashy device called a 'camera' and watching my every move. When she sees me doing something she calls "cute" (soooo not manly, don't let the girls hear that), she takes a picture. She is the
WORST paparazzi ever. I feel like I'm being stalked. This picture above is me giving mom the "eye" to let her know I'm on to her. You see, us Newfies have good senses when being preyed on. Well, nap time. Falling asleep. ZzzZzzZZzzzZZZZzzz



  1. Koda you and I have so much in mom too works 3 days a week 14 hours each day so that she can have 4 days off with me every week. And like you she spends all the time she can with me...walking, cruising in my truck, or just hanging out. She also stalks me with her camera, but I've been on to her for along soon as she pulls it out I'm looking the other way....nice to catch up to you again your mom on Facebook?

  2. I like to have my pic taken. Sometimes I go in my closet and put some fun clothes on and pose for Beth. Hey, they like it and it gives me something to do!

  3. You will just have to adjust to what I call the curse of the handsome. Don't worry-you'll get the hang of it and won't even blink twice when you see it stalking you.
    I almost miss it the rare times it doesn't come along on our walks.
    good luck, handsome!
    Chester ;0=)