Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good day

So, I've been on house arrest for over a month with NO dog park, NO dog park, and NO DOG PARK because Mom and Dad said they noticed a slight limp in my front leg. They thought it might be me growing so tall or playing too hard with my friends so they 'thought' it'd be a good idea for me to take it easy. But for a whole month? That's like YEARS in my time. They've only been playing with me in the back yard and going for long walks...BORiNG! Since I was a young lad they started making me eat this nasty pill called just sounds yucky. Mom hides it in my food with some Evo canned food - woman thinks she's sneaky but well, actually she is because I eat it. Since there's been no dog park, Dad's been taking me swimming at my favorite lake because it's better for my joints. I looooove to swim. I can outswim Mom! I don't let her go very far because I'm afraid she'll drown so I drag her back to shore when I think it's necessary. But that'll be a whole nother post...about 'Mom's Swimming Skills'.

Well today, when Mom finally woke up I knew something was up. She was getting ready to go somewhere and she kept looking at me...then the magical words "You wanna go have some fun?" And I said to my mom "Um Mom, am I a Newfie? Of course I wanna go have some fun!" So she packs me in the truck and takes me to my favorite place to hike. It's just me and my mom. We hiked for a while I got to sniff out the WHOLE place it was terrific. She even carried my own water bottle in her back pack so when we stopped I slurped water and wiped it on her shirt. It was so fun today. And afterwards, I took a long nap. Life is good..

Your friend,


  1. NO DOG PARK! I would go on strike.
    (I don't know what that is but I hear it works for 2 leggers)

    I guess it must be workin' though 'cuz your mom took you for a walk so you must be healin'.

    I love to swim too!! But then our ancestors were related, weren't they?
    Keep healin' so you can go back to the DOG PARK!
    Chocolate slobbers,

  2. YAY!! You got some real exercise...take it easy!
    You are growing into a big beautiful boy!!!

  3. Beth tells me that "growing little boys" like us have to be I have been listening to her. She seems to know what she's talking about. I take that pill too. Mike told me it was a treat -- so I take it every morning in trade for the newspaper. Was he trying to fool me? I am happy you got to go for a hike. You have a great life....just like me!