Monday, November 23, 2009

Random Pics

what is not like the other?

What, I just wanna hang out with the guys!

Ok, once again, which one is not like the others

Giving mom the stink eye

Mom was away this weekend for something called a bachlerette party...what?? She left me home alone with dad, which was cool cuz we did guy stuff. I got to go up to Maine and see Grammy and Grampy, hang out outside all day. I was exhausted! Nothing new and exciting to post today, hopefully I will soon!

Your bud,
Koda Bear


  1. Hey Big Boy,
    You look like you have a cigar hanging out of your funny guy!
    Big hug to you,

  2. I like to hang out with Mike too. It's fun to do guy stuff. But Beth gives the best hugs ever! Glad you had a fun time!