Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I scared Mom and Dad

Don't worry guys, nothing bad happened. But for the past two weeks my paws have been trembling off and on, sometimes when I sit, sometimes when I lay down, but I don't feel any pain! It got the Mom and Dad worried though. They gave me extra attention and reduced my dog park time (psssssht!). They don't let me play too long with other puppies at the park and if I show any signs of fatigue they take me home and let me rest. Finally, Mom decides that I needed to go see my buddy Dr. H at the animal hospital because she was worried that something was wrong with me. Mom's a bit of a worrier but I keep telling her that I feel fine! So yesterday while Dad was at the dentist to repair his broken front tooth (that's another story I'll tell next time), Mom drove me to see Dr. H. All the girls at the office love me because I'm so handsome. I got to go behind their desk and sniff around (because I'm so nosey). Then Mom put me on the scale and I am 55.4 lbs at 19 weeks. Mom told the girls she keeps me on the lean side because she doesn't want any damage to my bones and joints. I'm even on adult food! I feel so grown up. Well, long story short, they brought me into the "room" where Dr. H. examined me. He bent my arms, watched me do my model walk and said everything looks fine. He says I don't look like I'm in any distress (psssssht the only distress I get is when Mom and Dad don't let me out fast enough to potty). I told you so Mom that I was fine! So don't worry guys, Koda Bear is still as handsome and playful as ever.

*He is so stinkin' cute. Here are a couple pictures of him looking pathetic on the couch. I just want to bite his little face! And YES, he did get lots of hugs and kisses. Little stinker.*


  1. What a pose! You look like a male model :)

  2. PS. Koda's mom - he's a faker. when he stayed w/ me, he faked and bloated the seriousness of his injury once. I think he just needed some attention....only-dog-syndrome

  3. I won't tell him you said that...mean Auntie!

  4. What a perfectly pathetic look!! Can you teach it to me? I think I could use it to get more treats. The girls at the vet's office are right, you ARE a handsome dude!

  5. You've perfected the "Poor Pitiful Koda" look!
    Silly Humans eat that stuff up-
    so glad you got a good Dr. report!
    Wrooo wrooo,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  6. Glad it was nothing! I'm glad my Newf-mom isn't the only huge worry wart! I've had lots of unnecessary visits to the vet cause of her anal-ness.