Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today is a very special day

It's my dad's birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! You're the greatest. My dad is my best friend, he takes me on walks, feeds me, brushes my fur, gives me treats, takes me to the dog park, and gives a mean belly rub! Today he is 27, that seems really old to me. But dad doesn't have any gray hairs yet so I think that is a good sign. Here are some pictures that mom took and I just wanted to share.
The greatest Dad in the world cutting his birthday cake

C'mon dad, let me have a taste

Dad says no. How stingy. Pssssht.

But he's always up for chillin' which is my favorite

He reaches out to comfort me
We even have "guy talk"...usually about the girls at the dog park
He even lets me guard the remote so mom can't steal them
We watch tv together (but dad couldn't keep his eyes open after all that cake he didn't share with moi)
We even snuggle on the couch together because he's my best friend

Happy Birthday Dad! Hope this year brings you lots of joy and you know, good adult things. Also, I hope it brings me more treats and belly rubs. You're the best Dad!

Love, Koda

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  1. Wrooo wrooo!
    Licks and sniffs to your Dad on his special day!
    Zack, Sassy and Zack