Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Moi? A Couch potato?

Psssssht! Mom says I'm a couch potato! (What does that mean? I don't look like a potato laying on a couch) I've recently discovered the joys of laying on the couch. Mom spread down a sheet on it because she says I get my dirty paws (pssssht) and my shedding puppy fur (psssssht!) all over the couch if she doesn't. Plus when Mom and Dad are sitting there I want to be with them and cuddle or if I find one of my bones of toys I like to get up on the couch to enjoy it. *It's true...he's showing the beginning stages of couch potato-hood. My boy's growin' up. *Tear** Well my mom thought it was funny to attach some pictures as evidence to her theory.

Just wait until I tell Ah-Ma on you mom. She'll put you in grown up time-out! My Ah-Ma is my mom's mom. She spoils me because I'm so cute. Well, my lips and jowls are getting dried from talking. I'm going to take a nap on the couch while laying on Mom because that's what moms are for...for us baby Newfs to lay on. She's going to finish publishing my narrative. ZzzzzZZZzzzzzzzz

*He's asleep, I'll sign out for him. Couch Potato Koda saying goodbye!*

I totally heard that Mom.


  1. Tell your mom that couch potatoes need love too!!
    Woofs and slobbers!

  2. I just love that face!!!!
    Enjoy the couch while you can...I'm afraid you're going to out-grown it before you know it.
    Hugs and head rubs,

  3. you look so cute there Koda!! looks like you are nice and comfortable; a good place to be!!

    (I'm taking a break from journaling for a month or so; got to get some things done around my house I've neglected; I'll stop by and see you as I can; you be good, okay???)


  4. Hey Koda -- You look very comfortable, and must feel good after the Steeler's big win.