Monday, May 18, 2009

Moi in black and white

So ever since last month, I haven't really got to hang out with mom because her grandma crossed the rainbow bridge and she was out of the country for a couple weeks, then she came back and was very upset because she had to work and go to TWO weddings back to back. Why are all these people getting married and ruining precious time between me and my mom? Well, it's been a while but this weekend both mom and dad had a long weekend so the three of us hung out for 3 days straight and it was the best!!! I got to go to two different parks, took many walks with mom and dad, got many smooches and belly rubs, and they even took me out for my first ice cream! It was newf-licious! Mom only gave me half of a bowl because she was afraid that my tummy would get upset. I coulda eaten the WHOLE kiddie bowl! *Sorry guys, no pictures of the monkey's first ice cream. Next time, I promise* All in all, it was a great weekend. Mom always says how spoiled I Spoiled? Maybe just a bit. So today is our last day of the long weekend together. My mom the papparazzi decides it would be "fun" to take pictures of me in black and white.

I'm super handsome

Posing like a natural

I know how to "wait" with a treat on my paw

Here I am looking can anyone ever say no to me?

Mom says this is my big snout...she always kisses it

My innocent eyes, gets my Mom everytime...

Pondering some important thoughts...

Mom and Dad brought this ginormous bully stick back for me today!

Well, I'm off to do what I do best...taking a Newfie Nap! Until next time...

Paws up,

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  1. Love the B & W photos...
    Here's a big kiss for your big snooter: