Monday, March 2, 2009

Fish friends

Who are these creatures and WHAT are they doing in my house? Mom and Dad always say "NO Koda" everytime I try to catch one of the fishies. What's the big deal? I'm only trying to show off my preying skills. But those two party poopers I call parents won't allow. Mom bought Dad this 37 gallon fish tank for his birthday, but what's the point of it if I can't swim in it or catch one of them? Psssssht.

Well I turned 5 and a half months old this past saturday. Mom almost broke her back trying to pick me up to put me in the truck. I think that woman needs to lift more weights! We got about 10 inches of snow today. Dad was working from home and Mom had the day off so the three of us got to hang out. I was outside with my stuffie and was making Mom chase me around the yard...but I'm too fast! She couldn't catch up. *haha I did it to humor him* They even drove in the snow storm to take me to the dog park (which there were only 1 other dog there today - where were you guys??).

Well I'm going to nap. This fish chasing and snow playing day has gotten me all tired. Off to lala land.



  1. Hey NaNewf of the North! Mom and I like your pictures-'specially the one of your big fuzzy head! Snowtime really tires a boy out, doesn't it? And if they don't want you to go fishin', they should probably hang a "No Fishin' " sign on the tank. Duh? Sometimes I wonder just what goes on inside their hair-on-3-sides-only-head.
    Happy 5 and a half months-you are growing up so quick!
    and Happy Nappin!

  2. Hello! You're such a furry good looking dog!

    Can we be friends?

    Licks and Wags,

    Tuffy of Dog Woods