Monday, March 16, 2009

Something is NOT right


This past friday, I woke up, whined like I always do to go out and came back waiting for breakfast. Mom and Dad are pretending I'm not hungry. WHAT? Those two just sat on the couch and didn't feed me! It was 7:30 am already and it is 2 hours past my breakfast time. Something is fishy and I didn't like it. THEN they asked "You wanna go for a ride?" I'm puzzled. I'm stunned. I'm flabbergasted. Those two are definitely up to something. So Dad picks me up and puts me in the truck which Mom nicely laid out with comfy blankies and pillows for me and I just laid there waiting for something to happen. I'm waiting, waiting...hmm looks familiar. I'm going to see Dr. H! Maybe I get to play with the other puppies at my class so I'm frolicking inside to see all my friends. Wait...where IS everyone? I see my friend Kristy (my puppy class trainer) talking to Mom and Dad, then they hand her my leash. Yippee! Maybe my friends are in the back! So I go with Kristy and the next thing I knew, I woke up from a very weird dream. My right arm was shaved and I feel soo...weird...where is Mom and Dad?

*My poor baby...when we picked him up from being "tutored" he was stumbling towards us. He had a little bandage on his right arm and just looked so groggy. We picked him up and put him in the backseat...drove him home and gave him some MAJOR TLC. Here are a couple pics of my little Koda Bear. He still doesn't know what's wrong.*

Sleepy boy

He knows something is missing but can't put his paw on it...

Poor little shaved arm :(

Don't let his cute face fool ya, he got lots of good treats from the pie, froggie cookie, chicken and rice balls, and lots of love from Mom and Dad

*Feel better baby!*


  1. Hey Koda Boy!
    We know all about the big snip snip!!!
    You'll be a better dog for it...
    Feel better soon!
    Lick and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy, and Buddy

  2. Get well soonest Koda!!

    Licks and Wags,

    TUffy and the Dog Woods Pack

  3. Hey Koda,
    Whatchu talkin about...big snip snip...they didn't?...did they?....oh you poor puppy...
    I hope your feeling better soon buddy. I'm still hoping my mom and dad find a girlfriend for me. I'll tell you all about when they do.
    woof woof!!

  4. Don't worry little guy - Esther neutered me emotionally back in highschool - but with time, you get over it!

  5. Hey Koda,
    How ya doin? been too busy to tell us whats up???