Sunday, December 6, 2009

Update on my paw

So my paw's getting better! I was having some trouble getting up for a couple days, I really got mom and dad worried. I couldn't care any weight on my back hip which is weird because I didn't fall or hurt my back leg, the vet says if it isn't better in a couple days I'm gonna have to get my blood drawn (yikes!). But I'm better! I'm able to walk around fine and getting up is much better. I think I might've given my mom a heart attack when all this happened. But don't worry, I have to go back to see Dr. H on tuesday to remove my staples (yikes again!) Dad was sad because he had to go to Vegas for his bachelor party (without his best man- me!). But he's been calling everyday to check up on mom and me. So the past couple days has just been me and my mom. We've been doing alot of laying around because she wanted to let me rest - what? I'm a young boy I don't need rest! The only thing I got to do was go for a couple small walks, that's about it. Mom's been walk-stingy. Ok Ok so the best part of my update is that we finally got snow!!! Yesterday when Mom and home and let me out there was snow EVERYWHERE! I was in heaven! I was running around the backyard like a lunatic! Dad says he wishes he was here to see me play in the snow. But he'll be back tonight. Mom promises more pictures soon! If not I'll tell her to get on it.

Peace out,


  1. Take care, my friend. You will be going strong in no time!

  2. So glad to hear your doing better!!! Hope all is well!!!

    lotsa licks,

  3. Hi Koda,
    Glad to hear you're up and's no fun being on the injured list. But mom knows best so you do what she tells you and all will be good!..
    Take Care my friend