Thursday, September 10, 2009

Me? Big baby?

Last night I was just chillin' on the couch watching TV with dad, being my normal self when mom got up and started taking pictures like a lunatic paparazzi. I felt like Britney Spears after she shaved her head...SO MANY PICTURES! All I was doing was loving up on my Dad, he was scratching my head. So what if I laid on him, I'm still small. Or at least I think I still am. Mom and Dad took me this week to the vet to get weighed and get my medicine. They said I am 115 lbs and I'll be turning 1 in a couple weeks. She says I'm a big baby, but come on, I'm not THAT big! I can still lay in peoples' laps. No problem.

Well, here are some pics of me and my best friend, Dad.

Dads makes the best pillows

I'm a lap dog and you know it

I love head scratchies

Time for a nap

Mom! Stop taking pictures of me!


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  1. Hey, that's what I do! Isn't it fun to just lay around on the couch with our friends and watch Sponge Bob? Life is great!