Sunday, June 21, 2009

My weekend

Woof! Sorry I've been MIA, but now I'm back! The weather has been so crappy lately except for yesterday so Mom took me to my favorite park to go swimming. Mom threw sticks into the water for me and I would go fetch. She says I'm a great swimmer due to me being a Newfie. It was all good and fun until she brought me home and gave me a bath! She tricked me! Well I guess it's not too bad since after my bath we drove up to Maine to see my grandparents and my Dad. I got to hang out outside alot, get lots of attention, and they even took me to the beach! I got so much attention...everyone wanted to stop and pet me. I was such a good boy, I sat and let the kids pet me and I even gave them kisses! Then Mom, Dad and I shared a large vanilla soft serve (of course they had to get 3 spoons like I had cooties). But hey, can't complain because I had a blast!

Dad and I at Wells Beach

The nice girls at the seafood place gave me a multiple cups of iced water because I was so thirsty!

Chillin with Mom and Dad

My handsome head
Ninja Newf...can you find me?

The adults got in a water gun fight...I'm helping Dad formulate a plan to get Mom

This is me when I got home today...I'm so sleepy...zzzzzzzzzz


  1. What a fun day you had!!!
    Love those peonies in the garden!

  2. Wow, Koda, you got huge since we saw you last time! ;-) Great weekend-report.

    Miriam & Habca

  3. Koda you are growing up to be a very very handsome boy. Hope your enjoying your summer!
    Catch up to you later Koda.
    Your buddy